Case Study #2

Internal Branding for a Fiber Optics Solutions Company

“The aim was to showcase the business the client was in while keeping consistency in the graphical theme”


Mumbai, Maharashtra

Fabrication Methods:

Wall Decals, Designer Glass Films & Canvas Frames

Year of Completion:


Sq.Ft. Graphics:

650 sq. ft.

Project Summary:

Mockingbird Studios was assigned to enhance the workspace while ensuring that the employees connected with the brand. It was also important to keep the graphics consistent in theme as a lot of clients visit the premises.


Reception Wall


A centralised view of what the company does along with its core purpose mentioned at the center. The central text was done in acrylic with the rest of it being done in wall decals.

Reception Wall


The shelves originally had a plain blue wall as the background. This was completely revamped by using subtle blue decals to give it a fiber optic look and feel.

Product Showcase Area

Office Glass


The Fiber Optic theme was continued onto the Glass from the showcase wall in designer cut frost.


Since the clubhouse is multi-storeyed the staircase was a great location to showcase the lifestyle that the township offers. The brief was to create this in a graffiti style with a combination of text and iconography. The vinyl installation in this case was particularly tricky because of the steps. But the Mockingbird team managed to do a fantastic job (as is visible)

Meeting Room & Cabins


UV Printed Canvas was used to adorn the walls of senior management cabins & give them a rich feel.

Senior Management Cabins

Senior Management Cabins


The Vision-Mission of the company was displayed here using wall decals

Manager Cubicles

Conference Room


The Conference Room Glass Was Covered with a Printed Frost to provide privacy during meetings.